An exploration of vector graphics (i.e., digital, line-based, object-oriented graphics). Students will create their own illustrations on computer using Adobe Illustrator as well as incorporate analog (hand-created) imagery into a digital context. Photoshop will also be covered to a lesser extent. note: Photoshop is covered extensively in Raster Graphics.

2:00–3:15; T, R

Recommended textbook: Vector Basic Training by Von Glitschka


  • jump drive (1 gig+ is ideal)
  • sketch pad
  • paper, pencil, and other supplies as needed.


  • software proficiency
  • visual problem-solving


demos, exercises, exams, projects.

A distinction is made between 1) exercises—typically limited in scope, based around a certain skill, and 2) projects—larger in scope, more time-intensive, and based on creative solutions to the design problem. Projects and exercises are weighted accordingly. Note: many exercises require in-class instruction and are difficult or impossible to make up at a later date.



  • Quiz 1 (Don't open until written quiz is completed) // 50pts
  • Quiz 2 // 50pts


variable credit 5-20 pts based on homework assignments and demos