Day 11

A few of the Daily Artifacts were the fruits of whatever I happened to be working on that day. This poster is simply the cover artwork for a collection of essays written by members of University Baptist Church, Shawnee on the topic of resurrection. The book was distributed in-house, so to speak. UBC is home to many fine writers. Linda Pence, a former English teacher in the community took up the task of compiling and editing the book and then wrangled me into doing the cover art, which really didn't do the book justice.

Here you'll see a brief allusion to my fascination with the Wood-Type Poster style. Awhile back I was turned onto Hatch Show Print, a traditional letterpress print shop in Nashville, Tennessee, and was forever changed. The cuts or decorative elements in this piece are a bit too Rococo as I think back on it, but the condensed, decorative caps conjure up the Old American West aesthetic fairly well. Early pioneers during westward expansion favored wood type because of its light and smooth qualities, not to mention it was lighter to transport and more readily available than metal type of the time. Since the wood was hand-carved, craftsman took liberties by adding flourishes to the serifs. All-caps were common as it meant less to carry—26 characters instead of 52.

New Creation | 11 of 366 | April 4, 2011