Day 9

Like a recurring dream over several months, I kept sighting this station wagon around town. On this day, I spotted and photographed it while my wife was grocery shopping. The occupant in the car appears to be asleep, relaxed or dead. It took a bit of finagling to remove the original background, in favor of a more ethereal placement. While the original, photographed car was indeed stationary, it takes on a sense of movement when placed in front of the "A–B" and oriented towards a target.

Our concrete understandings of life exist only between the fixed bookends of A (birth) and B (death). This car, as a metaphorical life vessel, travels along an x-axis with an acquiescent occupant well past point A, through point B, and towards a finish line of sorts (The flags were photographed at a used car dealership across the street). It's a poster about life and death, and life beyond death.

FYI: the car is a Dodge Aspen Limited Edition.


From Point A to B | 9 of 366 | April 2, 2011