Day 7

Believe it or not this was one of the more painstaking of the artifacts to create. Designing pattern swatches takes some finagling to make them tile just right to hide the seams. The message of this poster is fairly obscure and is really more about form than anything else.

First about the form: The intricate lines are reminiscent of currency, as in paper money, which is absolutely beautiful if you look closely (Watch The Counterfeiters sometime). In certain areas of the poster you see the vertical pattern, in others just the horizontal pattern, and then both overlaid together. In some cases, as in the upper right of the large C, we interpolate the form with our mind's eye, even though it's not really there.

The varying density of lines create degrees of tonality, which is the very principle upon which the half-tone method of printing is built upon. When you look at a photograph in a newspaper you're not seeing shades of gray, you're seeing a calculated placement of black dots that trick your eye into seeing gray.

Now about the concept: Currency, Trend, &C. The word currency in its other sense, aside from money, can mean something that's emerged as commonplace (i.e., an idea that's gained currency). So there is at all times what is current and what is trending, and there's more to come expectedly after that. A quick aside: &C. is less common abbreviation of the word et cetera, meaning "and the rest." The ampersand is actually a ligature, a combining of the characters e and t into a single glyph, to make et—and a very sexy glyph, I might add. Designers love the ampersand.

The ethos of the poster is a recursive theme of scripture on the nature human life—we are a vapor (James 4:14). As Seinfeld says, "Let's be clear about why babies are here; they're here to replace us." Our finiteness can be exasperating if we do not come to terms with it. I once heard Bono speak at a conference and he said that he was using his celebrity as currency for his causes. He realized that fame was essentially worthless as an end, unless it could be redeemed or leveraged to achieve a common good. His present trendiness would become his currency to impact the rest.


Currency, Trend &c | 7 of 366 | March 31, 2011