Day 6

"We will eat tonight." What a wonderful promise to make. As a father of two small children, I want this to always be true.

The line was pulled from Wes Anderson's stop-motion masterpiece Fantastic Mr. Fox . The line seems rather forgettable as far as the film is concerned, but it remained with me and became the inspiration for this poster.

The poster itself is plain in meaning and design with a patriotic color scheme and bold sans serif type upon a solid field. The asterisk is nearly mistaken for an average star, but therein lies the challenging and hard to swallow portion of the poster. *Offer not available in all areas.

While the promise seems simple enough, there are places—the poor places—where it is not so easy. These places have been neglected if not forgotten, except by those that live there. For them it is a promise not easily made, nor always kept.


 We Will Eat Tonight | 6 of 366 | March 30, 2011