Day 8

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, public transit was as foreign as foreigners. My first trip to New York was 3 years ago, and I've returned three times since then. Learning the subway is practically mandatory, and I consider myself sort of an expert now. I have the KickMap App and I've even given other people directions, granted they were subway virgins from Georgia.

At certain subway stations there is a physical person (which is really the only kind of person) selling metro cards, but at most stops customers interact with a digital interface that dispenses cards. When it's time to pay up the machine asks you to dip your card. I'm not sure why I found that language so interesting; it evoked ideas of a chocolate-covered card, dipped like a dilly bar.

As far as process is concerned, a Hershey bar was melted in the microwave and I found a few sprinkles in the cupboard. I'm not the best of hand models, but I took probably 20 pictures to get this "selfie" just right.

The poster also alludes to the translation from liquid assets to a good. The verticality of the credit card implies a meter, half-full and half spent on mere indulgence.

Dip Your Card | 8 of 366 | April 1, 2011