Day 5

I snapped a picture of this Indian kid in the Marlow High School band. He was the archetypal Sousaphone player—the instrument suited him snuggly. He seemed perfectly at home within the band where likeminded nobodies become somebodies. As they were exiting the field, one of the bass drummers kept hitting his horn with a mallet. He retaliated by bowing over, enveloping the head of the drummer in the bell of his horn, and emitting his flappy timbre. They mutually enjoyed the irritation.

I created the illustration of the sousaphonist from the photograph and then formulated the text of the poster. It's a simple little wordplay, big brass to big brash, with a kind of upper-midwesterny impediment/inflection. The poster had originally said "the big-ash brash band" but I thought that was a bit too crass (or crash as it were).

The Big Brash Band | 5 of 366 | March 29, 2011