Day 4

My wife is a part of a meal swapping club. When she pitched the idea to me about joining, I murmured, "This will last a couple of weeks."  Little did I know that two years later, they'd still be going strong. Here's how it works: Every Monday my wife cooks one big meal and portions it five ways. The four other women in the club do the same. They then meet at an agreed upon place and swap meals. So for instance on Monday we eat Mrs. Crane's dish, Tuesday Mrs. Burns' dish, and so on. My wife only cooks one night a week and we get to eat a nice variety of dishes.

At one point, my wife asked if I could create a visual identification system for their club. It was a tall order from a discriminating client. Below you see the fruit of my toil—

  • an appropriation of the Hammer and Sickle, to a whisk and fork
  • a clever rewording of a Marxist slogan, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" to "From each according to her recipe, to each according to their appetites."
  • And then a remaking of the USSR acronym to United Shawnee Socialites Republic. (We live in Shawnee, Okla.)

Needless to say I was quite proud of myself about the whole thing. Beaming, I unveiled the new identity system. Her words: "Uh... I don't think this is going to work."

Food Kommune | 4 of 366 | March 28, 2011