Day 3

This poster has no deep-seated meaning. It's not some kind of backward statement against conformity. I'm actually a big advocate of conformity. I'm also a grid person. I live by the grid. There's an overall logic, generally speaking, to the placement of elements in my work. There's also, in Adobe Illustrator, an option to "show grid" and "snap to grid". I work almost exclusively in "snap to grid" mode. And that probably is a deep-seated aspect to my personality.

The modular elements of design within a grid become like soldiers moving in tandem. Any object that violates the grid can become a distinct point of emphasis within a composition. This can be used to the designer's advantage for creating a visual focal point. However, first a pattern or set of standards must be established in such a way that deviation from the norm is detectable.

Grid Army | 3 of 366 | March 27, 2011