Day 1

March 25th was a rather arbitrary day, seemingly, to start such a project. It just so happens that Josef Albers passed away on March 25, 1976. Albers is near to my heart for several reasons. He was a student and taught at the Bauhaus School in Germany. I cover him every year in History of Graphic Design, and many art and design curricula around the US have been built upon the Bauhaus model. He fled Germany during the war, and started teaching at Black Mountain College near Ashville, North Carolina. I wrote a paper in grad school about Black Mountain and its pedagogical principles. While the school no longer exists, it left an indelible mark on arts education and was probably well ahead of its time. Buckminster Fuller taught there, and Robert Rauschenberg studied there under Albers.

After Black Mountain he went on to head the design department at Yale. Albers is probably best known for his painting studies in color theory, many titled Homage to the Square. In these works he nests color within color, utilizing theoretical models such as analogous or monochromatic schemes. For this composition I created very rigid, De Stijl letters and built out from those forms subtle shifts in the palette. The piece is literally an homage to Albers, hence the title.

Homage to Albers |  1 of 366 | March 25, 2011