A survey of various disciplines within graphic design as well as an exploration into the process of problem-solving by design, visualization, correlation of forms with their content, function, and context. Credits: 3

11:00–11:50am; M,W,F // CRN 20821


There are no required texts for the course. I'll recommend a few along the way.


At the end of the course, students should be able to...

  • Solve communication problems based upon a project brief
  • Utilize the design process from brainstorming to final comp
  • Defy cliché solutions in favor of something meaningful and creative
  • Develop a rationale for design decisions
  • Craft and execute engaging presentations
  • Understand the role of the designer within a broader system of advertising


  • jump drive, 1GB+ recommended
  • other supplies as needed
    • foam-core board, spray mount, etc.


Advertising Design is an upper-level design course in which students should be producing portfolio-quality work. Projects simulate a workplace environment in which students receive a project brief identifying the needs of the client. Students then enter into the design process—with the instructor acting in an art director's capacity—to create workable solutions that address client needs. Each final comp will be accompanied by a presentation framed within the scenario of pitching the project to the client. Students should present with enthusiasm, professionalism, and strong rationale for design decisions.

Throughout the course, students are encouraged to see themselves as both participants and observers in the world of advertising and to understand advertising, in the broadest sense, as a device used to call attention to, which includes a gamut ranging from non-profit and cause-based ads, to political messaging, to more prolific, corporate branding strategies.




  • daily exercises worth variable credit